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Wow…it’s a seas of Green!

So..over the course of last week you would have woken up and noticed something outstanding….And it is… a sea of green for most projects.  Awesome.  But wait.  Hold the horses, because its like all those so called expects have come back into all the groups, selling the dream that they can teach on reading the magical crypto charts.  And now you get payment companies coming back out with statements now like “hey everyone, we believe in the space and look we now take BTC”.   I’m referring to SquareUp. Well here’s an idea – how about you just jog on and stop stealing oxygen.  You’re only here not for the greater good, but to ride the wave of what many who’ve lead this path.  Rant Over.

But seriously have a look at some of the Facebook groups.  Now for us we tend to use Facebook crypto groups as a bit of a measuring post of what the mass are feeling and thinking when it comes to crypto.  We then use twitter to gain more real insights as most of the major influences tend to be there.  So upon the old Facebook you have the return of “crypto gurus”.  Those who promise the world and really don’t know anything about crypto.  And it happens so fast.  I do declare that I’d been banned from a lot of these groups for the main reason being that I’d troll the bejesus out of scammers.  Pfff, I see this as a badge of honor.  However when we had that moment of seriously bear like conditions, magically when I ask to join again I was allowed back in.  Not because I’m a key influencer, but the fact that so many had simply either acted like a tourist, sold out at the low and left the group and these groups needed numbers.

So here we go again.  The “scammer” is back on the rise.  The ‘crypto gurus’ are back out in front and turning water into wine.  So what should you do, as the reader of this article?  Simple – don’t believe the hype and do your own research!  No one that has been in the space for a while wants to have people getting hurt!  And as always with this or any of our articles should not be used for making any financial decision.  Peace out!

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