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So what has ACL been up too?

ACL has been working upon a number of projects relating to the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme.  Both legends has been taking a bit of time out with the usual crypto world, to focus upon ground themselves.  Yes that’s right both legends have been giving back to the world it works within.  Both legends have enjoyed working along many people who are in need.  Both have enjoyed the experience.

For the rest of the crypto world, well things have what it seems to be, floating along a pretty straight line.  There have been moments where the market has had it swings, but in reality it’s nothing the this period as of 2017.  But its not to say that crypto won’t be in the mainstream focus again.  If anything this “quiet” time has actually resulted in some good developments.  For instance, and some of you may argue that its not that special, but lighting has been enacted and up and running.  More to come on that topic in a later blog.

A while back there was a BTC influctionary bug identified. It has been fixed, but could have presented a major meltdown.  However like a lot of IT based things, developers jumped into action and have what we believed to have been overcome.  I guess time will tell if there are bugs to be patched.

Monero has recently hard-forked which has now apparently means that tx are less and tax is less as well.  The project has become known for its legendary cult like community and it, given its market price, continues to show that its not a flash in the pan crypto project.  One of the positive of this is, it has always focused around privacy and it to ensure that it meets this main mission.  And from the looks of it, it continues to do this.  There have been a number of other similar projects to what Monero tries to do, but for one reason or another doesn’t quite seem to match it.  ACL declares it has holdings of this project and you should always do your own research buy making any decisions to buy.

Governments seem to keep taking more of an interest with blockchain.  A few weeks back, as reported within, the Australian government is looking how payments and contracts for the NDIS can be executed via blockchain.  Still in very much early days, this would indicate that the Australian government is now seriously seeing that blockchain can actually be useful for potential service delivery and payment. We at ACL will continue to follow this and provide more details when they come to hand.

Finally, it would seem things are quite….again this is so far from the truth.  Again if you have holding in any crypto project and its been quite for them, time to hunt around as see what projects they’re working up.  If you’ve finding that things aren’t going anywhere with the project, then time to work out for yourself what you wish to do with coin/token.

Again none of the above should be considered financial advice and you should always seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

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