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So much positive news..yet little is noticed

Ok, hands up if you’re now getting upset about the fact how there is so much positive news with crypto, yet it’s not impacting price anymore?  Also hands up if you’re finding the space a bit quite?  For most of you who are n00b to the space you’d have to say yes to the question posed.  So what will it take to get us all back to Dec 2017 levels?  Short answer: A strong belief.  A belief that it will be used more and more into everyday life.

This probably means now HODLers maybe rethink your strategy of just holding and not actually using any of your coins/tokens.  Sure i take the chance and think “….all it takes is a mass influx of people and boom it’s again on with me going to the moon again…”. But is that really change things?

Crypto was born out of wanting to fight back against the mainstream financial and it seems that we’re heading back to that system.  Truly we can’t afford to head back there.  Main message:  try and get your local business to take crypto as a form of payment.  And well there explain how they can cash crypto to fiat.  We need to do this asap and quickly

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