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What is Aussie Crypto Legends

Aussie Crypto Legends is a Social Cryptocurrency and Investment organisation, based here in Sydney Australia. For more on the director, head to here – a word of warning; these blokes aren’t the usual looking finance people and are quite different and unique.  If you’re seeking something like a real traditional/barefoot investment house, then Aussie Crypto Legends are not it.  But what you do get is real blokes, real people with real experience and real passion to do best by you, your family and the community.

Aussie Crypto Legends provide talks to people who are wanting to become involved within the crypto world and they actively trade upon many of the major crypto exchanges from around the world.  They have our own crypto investment fund and own mining farm.

Although freshly formed (August 2017), their team who make Aussie Crypto Legends, legends have a wealth of experience in all business areas that are central to operations.  Simply put, there main difference is they take the time to work with all types of people (investors) who seek a better understanding of cryptocurrency, blockchain and Initial Coin Offers.  They can even can sell cryptocurrency directly to you.  Send enquiry now

Current Live Crypto Markets

Want the latest prices for the top 25 cryptocurrencies, then see below:

# Name Price Changes 1H Changes 24H Changes 7D Market Cap Volume 24H Available Supply Price Graph


With some many searching for opinion crypto blogs out upon the internet, we make it easy for you. Check out our legends thoughts and opinions upon the world that is crypto!

So what has ACL been up too?

October 25, 2018 10:59 am

Wow…it’s a seas of Green!

August 30, 2018 9:29 am

Crypto is dead

August 16, 2018 12:20 pm

Direct Crypto Investment and Education

Aussie Crypto Legends conduct talks on cryptocurrency, blockchain and Initial Coin Offerings.  Our talks are not hype or anything over the top.  They’re engaging and aim to take you where you wish to go, when it comes to crypto investing.  Topics that Aussie Crypto Legends talks cover may include

    • History
    • Blockchain
    • ICO’s
    • Mining
    • The future of cryptocurrencies
    • And more

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