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So what has ACL been up too?

ACL has been working upon a number of projects relating to the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme.  Both legends has been taking a bit of time out with the usual crypto world, to focus upon ground themselves.  Yes that’s right both legends have been giving back to the world it works within.  Both legends have enjoyed working along many people who are in need.  Both have enjoyed the experience.

For the rest of the crypto world, well things have what it seems to be, floating along a pretty straight line.  There have been moments where the market has had it swings, but in reality it’s nothing the this period as of 2017.  But its not to say that crypto won’t be in the mainstream focus again.  If anything this “quiet” time has actually resulted in some good developments.  For instance, and some of you may argue that its not that special, but lighting has been enacted and up and running.  More to come on that topic in a later blog.

A while back there was a BTC influctionary bug identified. It has been fixed, but could have presented a major meltdown.  However like a lot of IT based things, developers jumped into action and have what we believed to have been overcome.  I guess time will tell if there are bugs to be patched.

Monero has recently hard-forked which has now apparently means that tx are less and tax is less as well.  The project has become known for its legendary cult like community and it, given its market price, continues to show that its not a flash in the pan crypto project.  One of the positive of this is, it has always focused around privacy and it to ensure that it meets this main mission.  And from the looks of it, it continues to do this.  There have been a number of other similar projects to what Monero tries to do, but for one reason or another doesn’t quite seem to match it.  ACL declares it has holdings of this project and you should always do your own research buy making any decisions to buy.

Governments seem to keep taking more of an interest with blockchain.  A few weeks back, as reported within, the Australian government is looking how payments and contracts for the NDIS can be executed via blockchain.  Still in very much early days, this would indicate that the Australian government is now seriously seeing that blockchain can actually be useful for potential service delivery and payment. We at ACL will continue to follow this and provide more details when they come to hand.

Finally, it would seem things are quite….again this is so far from the truth.  Again if you have holding in any crypto project and its been quite for them, time to hunt around as see what projects they’re working up.  If you’ve finding that things aren’t going anywhere with the project, then time to work out for yourself what you wish to do with coin/token.

Again none of the above should be considered financial advice and you should always seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

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Wow…it’s a seas of Green!

So..over the course of last week you would have woken up and noticed something outstanding….And it is… a sea of green for most projects.  Awesome.  But wait.  Hold the horses, because its like all those so called expects have come back into all the groups, selling the dream that they can teach on reading the magical crypto charts.  And now you get payment companies coming back out with statements now like “hey everyone, we believe in the space and look we now take BTC”.   I’m referring to SquareUp. Well here’s an idea – how about you just jog on and stop stealing oxygen.  You’re only here not for the greater good, but to ride the wave of what many who’ve lead this path.  Rant Over.

But seriously have a look at some of the Facebook groups.  Now for us we tend to use Facebook crypto groups as a bit of a measuring post of what the mass are feeling and thinking when it comes to crypto.  We then use twitter to gain more real insights as most of the major influences tend to be there.  So upon the old Facebook you have the return of “crypto gurus”.  Those who promise the world and really don’t know anything about crypto.  And it happens so fast.  I do declare that I’d been banned from a lot of these groups for the main reason being that I’d troll the bejesus out of scammers.  Pfff, I see this as a badge of honor.  However when we had that moment of seriously bear like conditions, magically when I ask to join again I was allowed back in.  Not because I’m a key influencer, but the fact that so many had simply either acted like a tourist, sold out at the low and left the group and these groups needed numbers.

So here we go again.  The “scammer” is back on the rise.  The ‘crypto gurus’ are back out in front and turning water into wine.  So what should you do, as the reader of this article?  Simple – don’t believe the hype and do your own research!  No one that has been in the space for a while wants to have people getting hurt!  And as always with this or any of our articles should not be used for making any financial decision.  Peace out!

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So much positive news..yet little is noticed

Ok, hands up if you’re now getting upset about the fact how there is so much positive news with crypto, yet it’s not impacting price anymore?  Also hands up if you’re finding the space a bit quite?  For most of you who are n00b to the space you’d have to say yes to the question posed.  So what will it take to get us all back to Dec 2017 levels?  Short answer: A strong belief.  A belief that it will be used more and more into everyday life.

This probably means now HODLers maybe rethink your strategy of just holding and not actually using any of your coins/tokens.  Sure i take the chance and think “….all it takes is a mass influx of people and boom it’s again on with me going to the moon again…”. But is that really change things?

Crypto was born out of wanting to fight back against the mainstream financial and it seems that we’re heading back to that system.  Truly we can’t afford to head back there.  Main message:  try and get your local business to take crypto as a form of payment.  And well there explain how they can cash crypto to fiat.  We need to do this asap and quickly

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Crypto is dead

“Crypto is dead!!”

Is the market sentiment right now and who could blame people for thinking that!

The whole market has seen its lowest point of 2018 and it still looks like it will continue to slide…BUT when all this price talk is going on all the developers are knuckling down improving the code of their projects and building all the necessary tools needed for mass adoption to occur…and yes the damn ETF will be approved if not next month surely soon after and that could be the catalyst needed for the next bull run which will make the last bull run look like a pimple on a chart!

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Crypto…its a wild ride

Well peoples what a ride. So we are, without a doubt, in a massive bear market. And it is scaring the bejesus out of all the tourist. Tourist? Yeah tourist – those who caught the December 2017 cruise liner and thought “I can never lose with this puppy”. Sure there were so many people out there “selling the dream” about all the pluses about crypto, but no one really wanted to know about the hidden dangers when getting into a space that is the last “Wild West”.

If you take a look back at our previous blogs, you’ll see that we’ve talked about the dangers of crypto and not putting the whole “farm” on it. So here comes the usual disclaimer – this blog doesn’t contain any financial advice nor should it be used for that type of thing blah blah blah blah (we think you get what we’re trying to say).

However lets be honest for a moment, currently the market is down further than what others have thought. And from the looks of it, there will be small rises, however on the whole it’s pushing down. But this doesn’t really make sense. Let’s sit back while we talk this out for a moment: You have the world bank asking CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) to be one of the first banks who issue bonds upon the “chain”; You now have the like of JP etc employing more process driven practices upon the chain; You have Malta who has a super crypto friendly government who is welcoming so many new firms each day to the place; you now have China who is looking at sticking the entire countries telecommunication upon a chain. So again, if crypto was so bad, then why are the big players around the world beginning to seriously adopt blockchain as a serious thing?

The problem here is, n00bs or as I like to refer to them as “tourist” have been caught up in the glam of bright lights and all the trimmings that go with it. As well when you look at crypto its market cap value as a whole is quite small and easy to manipulate. Let’s face it, if you had the backing from say a government and wanted to cause a lot of pain, then you could easy cause price drops – without a lot of resources needed.

Further to this and what scares us a bit here at ACL is the fact that there is so much hope placed on getting EFT’s over the line with SEC and when this didn’t happen everyone seem to lose the plot and go mental. Peoples have we not learnt anything. It has the smell of GFC coming from it.

Crypto is a child of the revolution. When you look at it, it came about because those at the start had become so pissed at the mainstream financial systems that they wanted/needed change. But are we now endanger of losing this as well. So we’re not telling you what to do, but come on think about it. Look at projects white papers; be open minded with all projects; and even if you’re a true believer don’t close the mind.

So will we see a massive December 2017 bull market again – pff we don’t know and if you are finding magic people out there who say they know….run the #$%^ away from them as quick as you can. But use your head and continue to develop critical thinking! Also become more aware with everyone day life – this will help in determining what will happen to crypto. Lastly, we recommend that you all continue to monitor the situation that is happening in Turkey. If they continue to lose super value with local Fiat currency, will crypto help them to stabilise things? Will this have an impact upon BTC price. Or will they create own cryptocurrency and make everyone switch to.

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Legend 1 gives his thoughts with investing in Crypto….

If you are invested into the crazy world of cryptocurrency I feel your pain during these downtimes and uncertainties! There’s been a lot of fuss over a possible ETF entering the market which according to all the pundits out there will drastically boost the whole market. We believe that yes of course this would be a good outcome but it’s not the main catalyst to bring crypto mainstream. We will keep banging on about the TECH which is the underlying gem of crypto. The day will come where the masses will be using a decentralised application without even knowing they are and that’s the day we are looking forward to. There are great projects out there putting in the hard work to deliver this promise such as the BlockOne team at EOS who have so far accomplished so much in so little time!

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Is crypto getting back to where it was in Dec 2017?

So you’d need to have your head in the sand when it comes to the recent price rises with BTC (Bitcoin core or just bitcoin).  Thus in turn have made many alt coins jump as well.  In saying this, they are currently at the time of putting this blog post together, getting eaten by the bears.  But there has been a much more positive feel overall.  No matter what you do, you can’t make all people 100% happy all the time.

But where I want to take you now is to this question – are we back to December 2017?  Many of you will say a big fat no!  And no issue with people saying that…but hear it out for a moment.  Before there was any of the recent gains made with crypto and there was major doom and gloom all around the crypto space and nothing of any positivity with crypto was gain traction.  However as of late its like everyone is walking on sunshine and eating candy again. People are back on CNBC fast money program telling us nothing but endless good news relating to crypto.  I’m even seeing a few of the bold predications with BTC price again.  And I haven’t seen such news since…wait for it December 2017.  I even saw the guys over at Anonymous stating that BTC was going to hit $65,000.  Now usually I wouldn’t even give that type of statement the time or day and I probably would have got my troll on and spent hours trying see who’d be putting this out there.  However it is Anonymous…so again is this the build up period to what happened in December 2017?

There is every indication that we are in fact on that path – and again this article shouldn’t be used for any form of financial advice or promotion – Natural question “how do I take advantage of the next crypto bull run?”  Well that’s a good question and one that we’d be happy to help you with.  Contact us now so we can help go to the moon on the next bull run

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Legend 1 talks about he’s investment path..

Talking from experience..the longer you’re in the crazy world of cryptocurrency the more knowledge you gain and you start to realise that your initial game plan you started out with changes dramatically. A big example of this is HODL! Pretty much means buy and hold and leave it there. I started trading like this but have come to the realisation that the crypto market changes every day and some projects don’t live up to the hype of their white papers. Constant research is a must! All it takes is a bad news story and a project can never recover.
Another big lesson learnt over time is called DIVERSIFY! Don’t just invest in one or a couple projects because anything can fail in Crypto so make sure you hedge ur portfolio over a number of projects. All it takes is for just one project to moon and happy days?
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And the hits from the world keep getting us at crypto

Morning all.  Well we’ve woken up and man it feels good to be alive.  The sun here in Australia is shinning, the temperature is a little more warmer than it was yesterday and the market is on a bull run.  But this article isn’t going to focus upon the ups and downs of the market.  We’re going to focus upon the relative large amount of positive news surrounding many of the worlds regulators approving exchanges to trade coins and tokens that are considered securities.

Now there are a few starting to ask is this a good thing?  Answer?  YES…yes it is.  The more news we get about regulars becoming involved with crypto the better we’re all are.  Why?  Well it means that we’re all growing up and having to see that there is a need for some type of rules in place.

It’s time that we at least have the confidence to say what’s ok for the crypto world and what’s not.  And again that a good thing.  Personally when the explosion happened during December 2017, it was just terrible to see all the worst of the worst make there presence felt to the community.  So many scammy ICO’s, projects….adding no value to the world or providing anything to be proud of.  The only thing that people became proud of was how much money they could pull in within quickest amount of time.

It’s funny, during that time I was receiving about 40 to 50 Linkedin requests from people trying to shilling the bejesus out of there ICO projects.  And mate I have to say it was just so bad.  You’d ask some basic questions from these “promoters” and it was like I’d insulted them personally and their family.  The best one I had was the developer and CEO of one project telling me why they chose ETH to be the platform to work off and how it could scale….. I then pointed out the limitations around this, and bam it was on for young and old.  This was the theme for at least 2 months.  Rubbish after rubbish.  I turned into a major troll and a pretty nasty person. It was like I was crying out for a place to go for rehab.

Fast forward to now and again, I’m more excited about crypto than ever before. Seriously…it’s like I’ve got the creative juice going and all is happy.  So please bring on more regulation and rules around the space.

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Things do look bright when a crypto market is on the raise

If you’re like anything like us, Aussie Crypto Legends are forever checking the market….and the related news…and what new Blockchain developments are in the wings.  However over the past for weeks, its been so hard to see some brightness coming from the crypto space.  So much negativity, fear and uncertainty.  And if you’ve been following our blog, then you would have read how we’ve picked this feeling up.  We even called out one of the tradition media outlets here in Australia, which seems to be very negative towards crypto but yet when it comes to Sydney property prices, somehow it manages to find a positive outcome at the end.  Never mind how over heated it became or how now many young people feel they’ll never be able to own a property of any sort.

But back to the focus of what we’re talking about.  Crypto markets have been on the rise for the past week and a bit.  Many theories running around as to why this has occurred…and if you do a quick search around some of the crypto Facebook groups they’ll loosely give you some answer – bhahahahahaha usually relating to a chart of some type.  But eitherway, whatever the reason the market is on a bit of a rise.  Some where to from here?  Good question… a quick google search, as we did just then and bam we’re back to where we started.  Lots of negativity and doom as the gains have been killed.  But is it really that bad?  Our answer is NO.  We are not going to tell you to buy or sell or provide any such advice within this article nor should you base your decision on your next moved with any information put in this article.  However what we will be saying is that the 2 legends themselves will see this “sea of red” as the time to begin to look at which projects are strong and therefore are at a discounted market price.  We always have the strong belief that crypto is not going away…no it’s not a fad nor will everything go up in a cloud of smoke.  Again this is evident off the back that the Australian Government has begun to invest and partner up with companies to deliver blockchain projects for the greater good (or not so good it depends upon your view of the deal).

Again, don’t see this sea of red as the end of the earth, do your own research and see which projects are at a level that make it an excellent buying opportunity.

As always, if you wish to invest within crypto, fill out the form below and let Aussie Crypto Legends get you crypto investment adventure started today!