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Our Approach

Our approach at Aussie Crypto Legends is very in tune with what crypto is about and at the same time very unique – this doesn’t mean we don’t like making money or getting returns; We love that part of crypto too and we need to have it otherwise we’d not be able to eat; True that right?  But we do it differently.  We want people to become empowered and gain good strategies to be confident to make healthy crypto investments and come out having fun and be in the black. We don’t want people to get caught up in the hype, the scammers and the so called experts who’ve only been in crypto for about a month or so and do plenty of hand waving.  If you don’t believe this, then head on down to good ol’ facebook and search for crypto; join a group and bam you’ll see how many so called experts and hand wavers are there.  What’s more interesting is the amount of first time crypto investors head to these groups and think they’ll get good, objective and sound crypto advice from others in the groups…..It’s enough to kill a brown dog, so to speak.

Back to our approach….If you do a quick simple search for crypto trading firms and you’ll notice that there are many traditional day trading houses saying they provide crypto investment products for you.  The truth around this is that yes they may do such things, however they’ve been playing catch ever since crypto has started.  When you actually question them “what is cryptocurrency; blockchain or an ICO is” most will not have a clue – try that out today and comment back on your experience.  Our approach from our strong tech and financially focused team, is to work with the wider, the serious and casual investment community to have a positive and objective understanding of what crypto is about.  Explaining and ensuring people have understanding of the underpinning tech of cryptocurrencies is an important mission for Aussie Crypto Legends.   Yes each person (notice how we use person, not client) we work with (and again notice how we use work with – highlights our mission to empower people)  does come away gaining this approach and insight.  We strongly believe that once people who engages with Aussie Crypto Legends and then confidently invests in crypto, understands what the fundamentals of are for crypto, which leads to them doing better for themselves, their family and community.  To make this clearer, Aussie Crypto Legends have a strong focus to ensure that people understand that crypto is more than just reading a bunch of charts of past performance.  We believe this is a major differences between traditional investment houses and Aussie Crypto Legends – empowerment and positive understanding.  Something that traditional investment houses seem to have missed.   Again Aussie Crypto Legends approach leads to better and more sustainable profits for all concern – not just a few.  After all, this was one of the main reasons for why cryptocurrency and blockchain was born in the first place.

Our Story

Aussie Crypto Legends has a funny beginning.  It starts like this; Two Aussie blokes – Con Staveris and Damien Ferguson (Con from Greek background and Damien from Italian background ;-)) – had been working together for some time.  Con engaged Damien to provide IT work for a number of cafes he was running in and around Sydney.  And it was Con who was in a state with needing to ‘get everything done by like yesterday’ relating to marketing, IT email setup etc.  So along comes Damien, with a mixture of skills from IT, Aged Care, Youth, Ubering and Australian Aboriginal Communities, that came along to help and turn dreams into reality, after Con put an ad up on a local Sydney NSW “I need IT help asap job board” back in 2015. Damien would, from that first job, be the ‘weird IT guy’ that Con would always ring at the last moment to ‘fix’ up things.

Further back story, prior to meeting Con, Damien had been mining bitcoin with GPU’s just prior and during this time.  He did move on to ASIC machines and still has them sitting his workroom at home.  Mining bitcoin for Damien was seen as a funny and strange thing that would not really go anywhere. It was only a hobby thing you do. He’s friends and wife all made fun of him.  He’s wife even yelled at him to “…turn that bloody expensive, power hungry, bitcorn thingy (bhahahaha “bitcorn thingy”) off as it sounds like a 747 is taking off and its heating the house more than Central Australia during summer time…” Arrrr yes…..Damien still does have a bit of a laugh with his wife about that comment, especially when the ‘bitcorn thingy’ hit almost $24kAUD in mid 2017.  Yes Damien and his wife are still happily married.

Move forward.  It was in late July 2017 that Damien was searching for people to become more involved with crypto.  Damien hadn’t called Con about this idea.  Serendipitously, Con called Damien to ask him to meet with Con and discuss this ‘cryptocurrency thing’.  Damien dropped everything to meet with Con and bam Aussie Crypto Legends was born.  With a crypto mining operation in play, countless hours research initial coins offers – ICO’s – and then investing in them and creating a substantial crypto investment fund, has lead to where Aussie Crypto Legends stand today.  These blokes are still in charge and Damien is always reminding Con not to buy into the next #scamcoin.  As you can see from the story, having fun is a key focus in making things be successful. Aussie Crypto Legends is a serious and focused Crypto Investment House, but prides itself on being different and welcoming.

Meet the Team

Here are the two blokes behind Aussie Crypto Legends.  We are hoping to expand are looking to reach out to these people who want to be part of Aussie Crypto Legends.  If that’s you, then head to the contact us page and drop your details in.

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